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Motorhome Habitation Check

£198 inclusive VAT

A habitation check is an examination of the living area of your motorhome. Like the engine, it is advised to be regularly serviced to ensure roadworthiness and requires regular inspections to make sure there has been no deterioration. If your motorhome is under warranty, the manufacturer also requires it to be serviced annually within a stipulated time for that warranty to continue. As an approved workshop, we are able to carry out those checks providing the supplying dealer and the manufacturer are in agreement.

Maintaining manufacturer warranty: This is essential for the safety and protection of you and your investment.

Early prevention: Catching a problem early will prevent a quick fix from turning into a costly repair.

Maintaining value: A history of habitation checks and maintenance will enhance the value and saleability of your motorhome.

Dangers: Fire risk, ventilation and gas systems as well as problem areas like water ingress/damp, water systems, electrical systems, bodywork and general condition, including tyres, are all checked.

You receive a full report afterwards with observations of problems identified and actions required. In the event that water ingress/damp or major rectification work is identified during the service, Olly Motorcaravan Specialist is one of the few companies that are in a fortunate position to be able to estimate the repairs.  


Free quotations are available, with no obligation, for work to be carried out at a mutually agreeable time in our dedicated workshop.

Sample Check Sheet - click

Motorhome Habitation check: Price List
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